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Micro-Mini Books | Long-Stitch Bound Mini Notebooks

Micro-Mini Books | Long-Stitch Bound Mini Notebooks

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Each mini book measures approx. 1-1/2" wide, by 2-3/8" tall, by 1/4" thick.

Each book has six signatures, with 8 pages per signature (48 pages. 96 pages if you count both sides!).

Made from reclaimed/scrap paper and leather remnants. THESE ARE CURRENTLY MADE WITH STANDARD OFFICE "PRINTER PAPER". If I happen upon some nicer "scrap" paper, I will make some with that, but for now, the whole point of these is to be something that is made using only materials destined for the landfill. 

I don't charge for materials - my price only includes my time and overhead (e-commerce site fees, etc.). These mini books are made to be sustainable and reduce waste. 

Each one will be one-of-a-kind! More to be added as made. 

Add a string for hanging as a Christmas Ornament (NO CHARGE!)
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